Why Use This Site?

Is it for me?

The covid-19 pandemic has challenged our capacity to cope. It forces us to re-evaluate our beliefs and find new ways to move ahead in our lives. This site is designed to help you with this process.

This self-help tool is intended to assist anyone who has experienced a significant stress and trauma related to the pandemic. You might find it helpful if:

  • You are a first responder or medical worker dealing with significant stress and worry related to the virus.
  • Community member who has experienced significant loss due to the pandemic.
  • Small business owner who has had to manage extremely difficult decisions related to financial losses/stress.
  • Family member who is dealing with an older adult who is in a long-term care facility and worrying about how to provide support.
  • A family where someone has become sick and had to go into the hospital.
  • Spiritual leader who has had to provide grief and spiritual crises with the congregation.
  • Loved ones of a covid survivor, who are experiencing traumatic stress reactions themselves.
  • Have had previous trauma and the pandemic has brought back intense feelings of helplessness and fear.

If you use this service and find that you are not improving, please seek face-to-face help from a traumatic stress specialist.